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Why use Static Site Generator(SSG)?

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Nowdays there are a lot of static site generators(SSGs) as you can see from the staticgen.com and staticsitegenerators.net lists and yet developers are creating more and more. Here are couple of reasons why you might want to choose SSG over classic Blog/Website CMS:


If you have experienced a hack of your traditional CMS installation(like Drupal, Wordpress and etc) after you have stopped maintaining it for a while, or forgot to update it, then you know what I'm talking about. As you can see from current twitter hashtag thread security breaches are happening quite often in such complex installations and a constant maintenance is required for them, if you haven't updated your installation for a while, please do it.

Free hosting

There are nowdays a lot of ways how you can host your static website:

Those tools also provide you with a free SSL Certificate using Let's Encrypt. So nowdays there is no reason of having a non encripted website, getting an SSL certificate issued is just a one free checkbox away.


SSGs are generating HTML pages, so they can be requested right away - no dynamic content generation or database calls are required. In addition free hostings mentioned above are taking care of your website http caching. So things are getting as fast as they could be.

https://cmints.io homepage performance audit

Note: Current blog itself is created using Static Site Generator called CMintS.
Learn more about CMintS.